Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back from vacation and I barely got out alive! The week was chuck full of Krispy Kreme, hamburgers, fries, fried seafood of all kinds, hushpuppies, cookies, bbq name it. Phew! Day one I did well. Day two I was full on stuffing myself every hour. Ugh. But, when I got home the scale only had me at a 1 lbs gain. So I hope that it doesn't catch up with me next week. Oy!

I've sort of been back and forth in my head about continuing with the Core plan. I really love that I don't have to track every last thing, but I'm also missing some of my old staples. I'm really missing being able to eat anything I want. I like the fact that Core stresses "whole" foods, but I'm just feeling a bit "frenzied" by night time- wanting a Smart Ones or a WW chocolate muffin. I can't really eat "on the go" with Core. Oh...what to do, what to do..... I think I might continue eating mostly Core foods, but track them. So, doing Flex with an emphasis on Core foods. That way I can spend points where I want to if I get a hankerin' for something. :)

I've noticed a lot of anxiety surrounding my eating habits lately. I'm trying to get in the habit of this maintainence thing. Unfortunatley I haven't been to weigh in in 4 weeks! There just isn't enough hours in the day. I start to feel really discouraged by that and then I remember that I've had a lot on my plate. It's hard for me to admit that because I've had to have such a die hard mentality of "no excuses" this whole journey. But, when I look back at the last few months, they've been some of the more stressful months of my life. And yet I've been able to maintain my weight. I may not have lost a ton, but at least I didn't gain 10 lbs! So, that said, I'm proud of myself. It's like a seed was planted and I've watched this new ability spring up in me that is capable of moving forward without beating myself up for things. I just have to remind myself of that. That's sort of huge for me. :) It's like my leader says: "It's not about being perfect. It's about progress."

Moving forward... I went to Trader Joe's today and stocked up on some serious Weight Watcher's friendly foods. So delish! I love that place. Ed and I are obsessed with grilling out. We love our new back deck. It's like another "family room" for us. We're out there all the time. My herb garden is growing so well out there that I'm cooking with them all the time. Tonight we grilled shrimp and veggies. And I made some fried polenta with a chickpea/tomato sauce. Big flavor all around!

So...tomorrow I'll start back with tracking points.

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