Friday, May 04, 2007

Okay, here's some recent pics! I had my 10 year class reunion Saturday night and had a lot of fun. Felt good, young, and drank too much wine. :) Oh! And I ran 4 miles yesterday and my knees were fine! YAH! I'm back to my old self. :)

(These are the "drink too much wine" pics)

Today's Tracker:

Coffee with skim milk

WW Cous Cous with chickpeas, diced tomatos, and mushrooms

NF Latte

Lean Strip Steak
Baked potato with ff cottage cheese
Steamed broccoli with mushrooms and shallots poured on top

Here's a pic of my lunch. It was so pretty, I just thought I'd capture it. LOL

I have some updated weight loss pics but my camera is being funky and won't let me upload them to my computer. I'm working on it....

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