Monday, May 14, 2007

I weighed in!! I'm happy to report it came to 139.2lbs! So I had not gained 10 lbs while on vacation last week?!! Yeah! Now, if I can just get under the .2 lbs so that I can have an official celebration of goal at my meeting.

Been doing well the past few days. Doing flex again and my oh my how I miss my WW chocolate muffins! LOVE them! I bought two boxes of them at Wal Mart. There's just something about waking up in the morning and having my muffin and coffee together. Ahhhhhh.... I've focused on getting in lots of water and making healthy choices. So far, so good.

I've decided to set a sort of running schedule to keep myself going and being consistent. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I run. Sundays will be my long run days. The "off" days will be optional. I can run, walk, do yoga or strength training. The key is to stay active. I really want to focus on strengthening my running muscles. It was no fun that week I injured my knee. So, hopefully I can reduce injury by building those muscles up. :)

Today has been a nice day. Fischer went to school, Amelia and I went to Weight Watchers to weigh in (me, not her), then I came home and just "played" with the kids all day. I bought this ginormous pool at Wal Mart. Ya know the kind that is 2 feet deep and has it's own pump? Yes, that's what's in my yard. But, I do have a backyard with a privacy fence, so the "tacky" factor is partially hidden. Luckily it's only 5 ft in diameter, so it's not too overhwhelming. My son is a fish, so this summer I'm willing to kill a large circle of my grass to let him have pool time. I get cool mom points for that. Anyhoo, Fischer and I hung out on our deck and pretended like we were at the beach. I read a book and sipped ice water with a straw (it's easier for me to drink a lot of water with a straw for some reason. It's my new "thing") and Fischer threw every plastic toy he had outside in his pool and then scooped it out with his "fishing net." Good times..

Here's my tracker so far:

WW muffin: 3 pt
Coffee: 0pt

Bowl of Vegetarian Chille: 8 pts (didn't realize it was that much)
1/2 avacado: 4 pts
1 dollap ff plain yogurt: 0 pt

WW bar: 1 pt
ww muffin: 3 pts

Vegetarian Lasagna: 5 pts

Total used: 24 pts
Activity points: 4 pts (run 4 miles)
Points left: 2 pts

I'll probably have a 2 pt snack late tonight.

No flexies used! :)

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Candace Smartt said... are smaller than me! Funny how the actual weight really doesn't account for anything! Some of us have more fat than others -- some more's just weird how someone can "look smaller", wear smaller sizes but weigh more (and vice versa). You look awesome -- glad your knee is better so you can run!

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