Thursday, May 31, 2007

Been a while! Well, I've had a weird week. One half of the week I was evil and bad. The other half I managed to reign myself in and stay OP! Unfortunately the scale is still showing my evil ways. This morning I was 141.5. Then (which I shouldn't have done), I weighed myself after breakfast and it said 144lbs! What the?! It scared me to pieces.

I think that's the hardest thing about this whole weight loss thing. I see the numder: 144 and think: "That's just 6 lbs from 150lsb!" Then I freak. I get depressed and I fall off program out of pure frustration. Which is silly. I seriously get a panic feeling when I mess up and see it on the scale. And the truth is I have messed up a lot lately. But I got my mojo back the last 3 days and feel good. I had a set back last night and had some cheese dip with bread- but I planned for it and I think I traded points equally. And I'm exercising every day. So hopefully I'll be back to my old 138 lbs self in a week's time. :)

Here's my tracker:

Special K Bar=2 pts
Mocha= 3pts

Turkey sandwich= 5 pts
WW pretzel thins= 2 pts

bag of ff popcorn = 4 pts ( I thought it was 1 pt and was very sad when I realized I devoured 4 pts)

soup with flatout pizza (the plan)=4 pts

3 pt snack

24 pts total

3 AP's= plan to run 3 miles this evening

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