Friday, June 01, 2007

So, I got on the scale this morning and I'm back in the 130s!!! 139.7 to be exact! Oh man, I needed that. I was feeling pretty down about the gain. I promised myself I wouldn't get back on the scale until tomorrow morning. :)

Tonight we're going to dinner with some good friends for a birthday. Sushi! The perfect WW-friendly dish. 4 Large pieces of a California roll is only 3 pts. VERY point friendly. :) So, I'm put together my tracker for the day. I find that if I plan my meals, the day goes smoother.

Daily Tracker:

Starbucks nf, no whip Mocha= 3pts
Special K bar= 2 pts

Subway Turkey Sub (no cheese or oil, lite mayo)= 6 pts
Bag of Lays Lite Chips = 1 pt

Bowl of strawberries= 1 pts
WW chocolate muffin= 3 pts

4 pcs of California Roll= 3 pts
Edamame= 1pt
2 glasses of wine= 4 pts

Total: 24 pts

I plan on running or doing a sculpting class at the Y today. Haven't decided yet, but both will equal 4 APs. :) So I'll have 4 pts to spend on where I see fit.

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