Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well, the day is stirring with possibilities. I'm sipping my coffee that I've had to warm up twice due to children summoning me all over the house. It would be ideal to sit on my couch and read my new book that I got, but somehow that is impossible with the little ones. What to do today.... Usually I go to playgroup at the park, but it's hot. Too hot. Then I was thinking of taking the kids to the YMCA pool, but somehow the idea of me going solo with both my kids at a pool makes me panic. But, the idea of being locked up in my house also makes me panic. LOL Perhaps I should stop overanalyzing what I should do and just do it!

Last night I met up with my best friend (and new business partner) to paint and stage our antique booth. Yes, that's right, I'm officially in the antique business! There's a cool place in East Atlanta Village called East Atlanta Art and Antique Bazaar ( They basically rent out booths on a monthly basis for people to sell their antique/art finds. It's a cool antique place with a folky flare. Monica (bff) and I have been talking about starting our own business for years now. We both love the "art" of finding rejected furniture, fixing it up and living with it. We're both artsy and have an eye for staging and designing rooms. So, this seems right up our ally. We're sort of holding our breath and jumping into this new "business." Anyhoo, we're stepping it up a notch and learning to spot out anitques via garage sales. Our first, official hunt will be this weekend. We'll be hitting roughly 20 garage sales (we've already plotted it out) on Friday and Sat. Phew!

So that's what I'm up to. I think staying busy really helps me stay OP. I'm less likely to graze and can usually find something WW friendly while out and about. I know people always says it's hard to eat out and stay OP, but that's not the case for me. Find me a Subway or Chick-fil-A and I'm golden.

Well, I'm planning on earning some APs today. Whether it through running or taking a workout class, I'll do it. I have a meeting with a doula client tonight, so I need to get the exercise in before then! :)

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