Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I had this beautifully long post written out and then one of my childen closed the page and I could not recover it. Then I was too lazy to hash it back out. LOL

Sunday was not my best day. I was an emotional eating crazy lady. At one point I was scooping the bottom of a Ben&Jerry's carton. It was not one of my best moments. There's nothing more embarrassing that being "caught" by your husband while you eat the last bit of his ice cream that he bought for himself. :( But, it was also kind of funny. It's been a week full of hormones and busy kid life. Luckily the scale is staying the same. lol

I have a couple blogs I read religiously and Roni's is one of them. She posted an interesting tidbit from an article she read. It was about the "8 secrets of Skinny People." Here they are:

They choose Satisfied over stuffed.

They realize hunger is not an emergency.

They know food doesn’t cure the blues.

They eat more fruit.

They are creatures of habit.

They have a self-control gene.

They are movers and shakers.

They sleep well

Hmmmmmm.... I guess I've worked some of these into my daily routine. When I'm on top of my game I definitely feel like all of these "secrets" are adapted easily. Then I have those bad days. But really, who doesn't? I do believe you can learn these habits and make them a part of your life. I grew up eating, eating, eating and watching everyone else eat, eat, eat. Every female in my extended family is overweight. It's like clockwork, they are slim, fit and then have kids and blow up. My sister and I definitely have anxiety about becoming that. But, I do think I'm very aware of my emotional eating. I'm not perfect, but I definitely don't stay in that state very long before I realize I'm doing something unhealthy. For me, it's the same as binge drinking. It's just as desctructive.

Last night we had two couples over and 2 children. I made blue cheese burgers, corn, baked potatos, and NY strips. I had a blue cheese burger (lean ground beef" and corn. It was very yummy and only 7 points! My friend Anna made cocktails. Pear martini's with sugar rimmed glasses. DIVINE! I think the drinks were 3 pts a piece. I had two and they were well worth the flexies!

The kids were up until 10pm last night. So we're all dragging this morning. I'm praying they take a nap at the same time today so I can lay down and rest. I'm dragging these days. I don't know if it's the heat or what. Running usually gives me so much energy, but with the heat, I'm not running as much. I'd rather do a cardio class at the Y or something. Fall will be good weather to run. LOL It's June and I'm already looking forward to Fall.

I hope to get in some form or exercise today. We'll see. My goal is to earn 3 APs.

Here's my Tracker "plan":

Weight Control Oatmeal: 3 pts
2 slices high fiber toast: 1 pts
Grande Latte: 3 pts

Baked Potato: 3 pts
2 tbsp ff sour cream: 1 pt
1 corn on the cobb: 1 pt
Spinach salad: 0 pt
TJ's reduced fat cilantro dressing: 1 pt

That leaves me with 9 points left for dinner. I'm trying to "bulk" up my breakfast and lunch meals to reduce the need to snack all afternoon. So far so good. I'm feeling full and it's 11am. Usually I'm starving by now. :)

I'll report back with the final point tally later.

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