Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, the "girls spend the night" was a success. I managed to shove Coke's and icecream down their traps and they think I'm the greatest. We also did nails and hair. I actually had a nice time. Little girls are so fun to talk with and listen to them talk to each other. I giggled a lot.

Anyhoo... yesterday as I pulled into the parking lot of the park, it began POURING. Like, flash floods. So mty 6 miler (which I was really pumpep up for) was a no go. :( Today I went to my "total body" class at the Y. I have a love/hate relationship with it. It's hard as hell, but you feel great afterwards. I also earn 4 pts doing. Unfortunately my little girl was not happy in the child care and I was called out of class halfway through. Oh well, 2 APs earned!

I broke a rule tonight. I dipped into my Flex by 4 pts. And I didn't have to, I was having a "moment" and HAD to eat more "snacks." It was dessert and I had made it specifically to be point friendly. I feel "icky" for over eating, but I have to tell myself that it could have been WAY worse. Good news is that it's all still "OP."

Here's my tracker:

3 Kashi Blueberry Waffles: 3 pts
Sugar Free Syrup: 0pt
ICBINB (I Can't Believe It's not Butter): 0 pt
Apple: 1pt

Turkey/ff Feta sandwich: 3 pts
Pretzel thins: 2 ps

WW Chocolate muffin: 3 pts
Coffee with ff creamer: 0 pts

1/2 glass of wine: 1pt
Flat Out Quesadilla with ff refried beans, spinach leaves, salsa, mozzerella: 4 pts
FF sour cream: 1 pts

Dessert/Snack: (I was jonesing for some serious snacks)
4 Angel Food Cake/Pineapple muffins: 8 pts (I had too much, but they were sorta small and GOOD)
1 WW icecream sand: 2 pts

Total: 28 pts
AP's earned: 2 pts
Used 4 Flexies

Gotta get back to watching "Kathy Griffin's: My Life on the D List." LOVE that show!

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