Friday, June 29, 2007

Today started off fun. I got a sitter for the kids and planned to spend the whole day garage sale hunting with my friend. Well I chose not to take my friend's advice and was moving some furniture with flip flops on instead of shoes. By some freakish turn of events, furniture ended up ripping off my big toe nail!!! OUCH! MEGA OUCH! Emergency room OUCH! It was awful. I called my friend whose husband is a Doctor. He's an angel and saw me at his house. He gave me a local shot for the pain in my toe (I don't know what hurt worse: the toe or the shot). After a minute my toe was better. Well enough to attempt to bandage it and salvage the toe nail bed by putting the nail back on. I was having visions of having a "nubbin" the rest of my life. Just painting the skin to make it match.

Long story short, I'm on crutches and vicodin. I had no idea breaking a nail would be so dramatic.... Unfortunately this means I can't run the Peachtree Road Race next Wednesday. I cried and cried. I've been working towards this for months. It really upset me. :(

Anyway, I do not recommend breaking your big toe nail off. It brings on more baggage than you'd think.



jencarr said...

Oh Lord, Jen. Sounds like your day was worse than mine; and mine kept going downhill after I blogged. I even got a $900 electric bill (what the F__K!)
I know the worst part of it for you must be not getting to do the Peachtree. I really feel so bad for you about that. Man, I'm really sorry.

Candace Smartt said...

I would feel REALLY sorry for you, but you have Vicoden and that should comfort you. :)
I'm just kidding - I'm sorry jen...I know it sucks!

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