Monday, June 25, 2007

Today I woke up at 8:15am. Was out the door with both kids by 8:30. Went to Starbucks, sat and had a discussion with Fischer about rainbows. The kids had vanilla milk and I had my mocha. It was a sweet moment. But it only last for a second and then Amelia wanted to get into things. Off to the park! We got to the park and I put the kids in the double jogger. I ran the loop of the park once with the kids (2 miles) and then we played. Fischer and I played tag and Amelia and I played "Mom makes sure I don't fall to my death off the slide." Good times...

Then to weigh in..... I'm down! .4 lbs! 140 lbs. I'm slowly creeping back down. It might take me a whole year, but by God I'm going to be 135 lbs! LOL I will! Couldn't stay for my meeting- my kids were kinda spastic and I didn't want to subject the other meeting goers to that. So we hopped in the car and I cruised to R.E.I. looking for this stroller: The Mountain Buggy Urban! I wanted to actually see it and try it out. Unfortunately they didn't carry it. :( I'm trying to be more flexible in my running and taking the kids with me would be much easier on my family than me always needing that hour to run. Problem is, when you're really running, you need a sturdy, but easy gliding stroller. You also need it slim enough to get by on city sidewalks. My current one is not. I have to get off and on the sidewalk while cars are zooming past me. And while I like the front swivel wheel, it's not sturdy. This other "super" stroller has two front swivel wheels, making it more sturdy. It also has an easily adapted infant carseat holder. Just in case..... :)

Tonight I'm going to a Braves game with my hubby and two friends. My plan is to eat before I got and maybe have a light beer or something while I'm there. NO EATING! I promise. I'm 100% accountable for NOT EATING there. There are no healthy options and I'm sick of blowing my flex on stupid food I don't even really like. :)

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Andrea said...

Way to go! Sounds like a great stroller. It's a whole other workout pushing our stroller. I'd love a super stroller!

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