Saturday, December 08, 2007

Having a nice weekend here... Had a few obstacles that I managed to stay within a reasonable amount of points. Shocking...I know. We had Ed's parents over tongiht (did I mention how much I love my in laws?) and we had Thai food. Between 4 adults we split 2 Pad Thai, 2 basil rolls (cut in half), potsickers and coconut chicken soup. It was the perfect amount and there were no leftovers and no one was bloated and aching when they were done.

My mother in law was so sweet. Today is our 7th wedding anniversary (although we aren't celebrating until next week in NYC!!). So my MIL brought Extreme Moose Tracks icecream to have something decadent to eat. At first I was like: GREAT! But instead of eating it all and just saying "screw it," I measured out 1/2 cup (5 pts) and enjoyed that amount. I put it in a coffee cup and felt totally satisfied. But really, who couldn't be with moose tracks? I only dipped 3 pts into my flex and I feel good. I'm trying to save them for traveling. Then the night after we get in NYC, they renew. So, I've got a good plan..

I earned AP's every weekday this week. Yesterday I went to a body sculpting class that I expected to be sort of easy and it totally kicked my ass. My triceps are so sore! But I love working my muscles. I got out of the shower the other day and flexed. I know, totally embarassing and teenage boyish, but I have to say I have good arms! Today I just chilled. Tomorrow I'd like to run. It's been a while since I went outdoors with my ipod and just ran. I think maybe Thanksgiving was the last day I did that. My popular form of fitness has been group exercise at the Y. Which seems to get me more winded, sweaty and out of breath than a 5 mile run. Now my runs have more of a yoga effect on me. I get to be alone and just zone out. It's kinda cool.

Here's my tracker for today:

Vita Muffin 1 pts
Mocha 3 pts

Chicken Salad 7 pts

1/2 cup Pad Thai 3.5 pts
1/2 Basil Roll 2 pts

1 almond wafer: 2 pts
1/2 cup Extreme Moose Tracks icecream 5 pts

Total: 23 pts
3 Flex Used

23 Flex left for the week

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