Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hope everyone had a warm, peaceful, lovely Christmas! Our Christmas Eve dinner was a hit. Everyone loved the pork loin and I felt so proud that I cooked it. It was tender, sweet and delicious! I ate sensibly and even had dessert. I don't think my body is used to so much sugar though because I had a killer headache that night. :( The next day I basically grazed all day. We had two "dinners" to go to and with two kids in tow, there wasn't much time to sit and eat a ton. I think the real "eating" happened after we got the kids to bed and sat down to watch a couple episodes of Heroes. :) (We started watching season one during our NYC trip and we finished it last night) Anyhoo, we had so many leftovers and were so tired and just wanted comfort food. That was the point that I ate too much. But, my body signaled me and I got a really bad upset stomach the rest of the night and had a hard time leaving the bathroom. I know, TMI, but that's what happened. I woke up this morning thinking maybe the "cleaning out" was a blessing in disquise. Ha ha

I'm eager to get back into my gym routine. I ran 3 miles on Christmas Eve and I tell you what- a week off and your muscles forget. I was so sore the next day! I haven't been sore from a run (unless it's over 5 miles) in a year. I miss my Heat classes too. But I know I'm going to DIE during the first one back. But that's ok. I need it. I need to burn, burn, burn calories. I'm still determined to get that full day at the spa if I get to 135 lbs!

I'm going to start back meetings. They are my one thing I haven't been doing that I really, really need. I love my leader and I miss the people at my meetings and I'm going back. Monday nights! (Hear that Ed?? So you got the kids on Monday nights!) My sweet husband reads my blog too. :)

My new fitness goal is to focus on my tummy. It's the one thing I can't seem to tone and it's driving me mad. Gaining 65 lbs with both pregnancies and having chunky babies (one 9 lbs and one 8 lbs 7oz) has just destoryed the skin on my stomach. I've actually considered a tummy tuck, but I"m not quite sure I'm done having kids, so instead I'll focus on a less risky and less expensive method. My OB felt my abs at my annual last month and said I have really toned abs, but the skin is not going to go back. I tend to carry any extra weight on my tummy, so the only thing that's going to really make it any flatter is cardio. Zapping any extra fat underneath the surface. So, that's what I'm visualizing when I do cardio now. GET THAT TUMMY FLAT!

Today's agenda involves getting my pug Annie to the Vet. Her nails are ridiculously long and one snagged on the carpet and ripped part the way off. Poor thing. My kids are traveled out so we're going hang out at home and just take it easy. I thought about going to the gym today, but there are no classes I want to take. Only a Step class and I suck at step and end up laughing at myself the whole time because I can't get the moves right. So, I think today I'll get on my treadmill and do an uphill walk. Probably 3 miles. :)

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