Thursday, December 27, 2007

So, turns out my upset stomach was actually a stomach bug and I had it all day yesterday too. It wasn't that bad. My body does not prefer throwing up, but instead fancy's the river flow down south. I was actually grateful. I had stuffed myself so bad Christmas night that I needed a cleaning out. :) The scale said 143.5 this morning.

I feel like I've been given a second chance to get back in the 130's sooner than later!

I had every intention of going to the 6am Heat class today, but last night I had such a hard time falling asleep. I didn't get to bed until 12:30am and decided to instead go to the 4:30pm Sculpt class today instead. I like sculpt, but I always feel obligated to do cardio before or after it because it's pure strength. I think I might go at 3:30 and get some treadmill action in. That'll run me roughly 3 APs.

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