Sunday, December 30, 2007

Well we went to our neighbor's for dinner and I ended up eating more points than I wanted. Well, I actually ended up drinking more points than I wanted. She made this amazing drink from vodka and lemons that sit and stir in their juices for a week. It was so good. She called it Lemon Chello. Divine. But point costly. And then she had some icecream that was chocolatey heaven. I ended up usuing 18 flexies. :( But, that's ok. I have a plan. I still have 12 left for our party. My plan is to stick with veggies and water the entire day. Then indulge in my point friendly appetizers and drinks. I had to stop myself from being so damn dramatic. Like I'm going to die if I can't gorge myself! I have to laugh at myself sometimes.

I'm going to eat sensibly and have a few drinks. I'm definitely not getting drunk. I'm getting too old for that. I swear, if I have two glasses of wine I'll have a hang over. My body has changed a lot this past year. I'm in better shape than I've ever been, but I cannot hold my alcohol well. I'm on a three drink limit. :)

Our friend is brining over "rockstar" for the xbox. I'm looking forward to that! And our friends from NYC are in town and coming over too and I'm really looking forward to hanging with them some more. We hadn't seen then in 3 years until we went there to visit. We forgot how much we laugh when we're together!

Today is treadmill day. Ed has a stomach bug and I won't be able to get away for a run so I'll wait until the kids go to bed and then run. Tomorrow I'll try and get an outdoor run if Ed's up for watching the kids.

Here's my tracker so far:

WW muffin: 3 pt
mocha: 3 pt

Flat out quesadillla: 4 pts

Planning on whole wheat pizza tonight. I think once slice is 6 or 7 pts.
Salad with ff italian: 0 pts

And then maybe a Smart one's: 3 pts

Total: 20 pts
Hoping to earn 3 APs...

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