Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dang it's hot!

The kids and I have lived at the pool this week. Our YMCA has the best pool that has that "beach" decline. It's so easy to sit there in the shallow area with Amelia, throw a float vest on Fischer and just relax. Fischer and I have become so brown that Ed says he's enjoying his new African American wife! :) I love getting dark. I think dark skins is so smooth and beautiful. Plus, we all know fat looks better tan.

I made it to what I thought was a Sculpt class this morning. Turns out it was a Step class. What is happening to me? It's the second time this week I mixed up the classes. It was a good thing though. I got a good cardio workout. One full hour! I was dripping sweat by the end. And the endorphines were great afterwards.

This week has been off kilter. Due to pool fun, I've neglected most of my household duties and we're all currently drowning in laundry and I feel the pull towards take out the last few days. Planning is everything and I've failed to plan. Tonight is pizza night. And not because Thursdays are "Pizza Night," but only because I'm craving Pizza Hut pizza and I have not thawed anything out in the freezer. Remember that fail to plan part?

Here's my tracker:

Bowl of Purely O's: 3 pts
Skim milk: 1 pt

Chick-fil-A biscuit: 10 pts
Tea: 3 pts

Snack: (I was starving!)
Orange: 1pt
Some leftover Layered chicken Lasagna: 6 pts


Pizza: 10 pts

Total: 34 pts
AP: +3 pts

31 pts

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