Monday, June 16, 2008

Pumping Iron

Made it to a Body Sculpting class at the YMCA. There were two other pregnant gals in there. I learned some good modifications from them on some of the stuff I thought I had to skip. (Plank, sit ups, push ups, etc) Working out is finally feeling "normal" to me again since the second trimester energy. I'm finding myself focusing more heavily on the sculpting.
Building healthy muscle can help you burn more calories doing everyday things. Fortunately I've been able to maintain the weights I lift. No major modifications. On the other hand, cardio is more difficult for me to maintain. I've slowed down. But I'm listening to my body. No need to push myself if my body doesn't want to do it. I figure between walking and cardio classes, I'm doing some good things for my heart. But man I miss my Heat class! I wish I could go, but I'd seriously be modifying everything and it would just be silly.

Back to counting. Don't you love how back and forth I am??? I'm not a fan of how quickly the scale is creeping up. (Ahem...156 lbs) I'm still trying to find my rhythm with food in this pregnancy. It hasn't been as black and white as it was before I was pregnant, so it's been a whole new learning process. Different stages of pregnancy lead to different hunger levels and preferences. I guess that's why Weight Watchers doesn't have a pregnancy plan anymore. I'm so hormone driven that it's been challenging to just "stay OP." But I can feel a shift in my body and my hormones. Things are stabilizing and I'm feeling much more rational and all kinds of foods are sounding good again. (As opposed to "I need a taco right now. It's all I can imagine eating.") Avoiding mass quantities of processed foods and sugar is still high on my priority list, but keeping a more careful eye on the amount I'm eating. I'm also focusing on getting in some good protein at every meal. That makes all the difference in my hunger and energy level.

Anyhoo, I'm still trying to figure out the right amount of daily points. I'm thinking roughly 28 pts is the magic number. Plus Flex and Activity points. Today I'm going to run by my WW's center and buy some trackers. I need to get back actually righting this all down everyday.


Handful of almonds: 3 pts
Mocha: 3 pts

Tuna fish salad (made with Lite Mayo) and crackers: 5 pts
Strawberries: 1 pts

Snack: (the plan)
**another change**
mocha: 3 pts
pizza: 7 pts

Dinner: (the plan)
***change**** I forgot I was going out to eat for my good friend's birthday dinner
Chips: 8 pt
Salsa: 0 pts
Cheese dip: 5 pts

Total: 24 pts

Activity Points:
Body Sculpting class: +3 pts

That totals 33 pts (including subtracting my APs).
Used 5 Flex
30 Flex left

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