Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ready for the weekend...

It's Thursday and I'm (as usual) ready for the weekend. We're headed up to Boone, NC for the weekend to see my parent's new mountain house. Should be fun. I'm hoping to get some walking in. Those hills will zap my pregnant ass.

I made it to Total Body Tuesday and really pushed myself. It felt good though. I took my neighbor with me and she basically said she wanted to throw up during the class. LOL I actually thought it was easier than usual. Maybe I'm not a wimp afterall... I did, however, wake up Wednesday intent on doing NOTHING physical. I was wiped out and my muscles were aching.

This morning I woke up early and decided to take the kids and the new dog to a local park and walk while it was still fairly cool. I did about 2 miles. Nothing crazy, but still some activity. The poor dog was beat by the end. Afterwards we hung out at the playground and then I did a Starbucks run.

I met my dad for Sushi (Thank you Corrie for graciously watching my rugrats) for a late Father's Day lunch. I've already got chicken marinading in the frig for dinner.

Here's my tracker so far today:

Banana: 2 pts
granola bar: 3 pts

Mocha: 3 pts

Sushi!: 7 pts
Little fried rice: 2 pt
Tea: 2 pts

Random Blow Pop: 1pts

Grilled Chicken: 3 pts
Broccoli: 0
brown rice: 3 pts

Total: 26 pts
APs: -2 pts

24 pts!

I counted that twice. Yep, 24 pts! So I have 4 pt to work with. I need to stay under 28 pts today. I've been a piggy lately. Looks like I need to get some fruit in. Maybe a smoothie this afternoon...

Off to pack for our weekend!

What are you doing this weekend all you lurking blog readers?


Kelle Ortiz said...

I will be taking a nap? I don't know, but going to Boone sounds wonderful. Have fun!

Jennifer said...

The fam is heading to Colorado on Sunday. I've never been. That's what I'm doing.

Jacoline said...

I want to get some stuff done in the house to prepare our spare bedroom for tranformation into Lara's new bedroom. Her current bedroom will become the nursery for the new baby (due August 31). I feel the urge to get ready for this new baby growing; I want to clean, declutter and reorganise and redecorate everything! We'll see what we'll get done this weekend. Have fun on your trip!

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

We're in a mad dash to finish painting the front of our house. Then pullin' some weeds, mowing...oh and I will be napping. Hopefully throwing in a couple of hours at the pool with Eli :) Have fun in Boone :)

Amanda said...

I traveled to my mom's and we are BUSY this weekend. Hoping to get some rest in come Monday. Have fun on your trip!

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