Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mornings are not going well for me...

For some reason the kids are complete monsters in the mornings now. I think it's because they share a room and are rising too early (7am) after talking and giggling too late at night. Anyway, there are at least 5 tantrums thrown by Miss Amelia by the time I get out the door. Very nerve wracking. I was so distracted by the stress of getting out the door for my play group today and I completely forgot to pack our lunch or even eat breakfast! And the last thing you do as a pregnant woman is walk out the door with two crazy kids on an empty stomach.

So... we went to Chick-Fil-A and I got a chicken biscuit and a coffee and the kids got the mini biscuits. I opted to leave out the hashbrowns and just eat the biscuit. Well of course when we got to the park and settled, they had given me an order of hashbrowns with my meal. And OF COURSE I ate them! I was so frazzled it's like I just kept putting things in my mouth. I even ate a few leftover mini biscuits and ate a cookie that someone brought. *sigh* Plan, plan ,plan. That, my friends is what I failed to do. And well know...if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

So I have 10 pts left for the day. I'm going to a Body Sculpt class at 4:30 so that will earn me roughly 3 APs. So I'll have 13 pts to work with. Tonight might have to be a soup/ salad night. I'm unmotivated to cook anyway....

Here's my tracker:

Chick-fil-A biscuit: 10 pts
Hashbrowns: 5 pts

Left over mini biscuits: 3 pts
Cookie: 2 pts

Late snack before class for energy:
Probably a mocha: 3 pts
Bran Muffin: 3 pts

Progresso Chicken and Rice soup: 4 pts
1 roll: 1pt

Daily used 31 pts
APs: -3 pts
=28 pts

So 2 pts to spare. I'll probably use that on an extra roll or something. Not that I *have* to get those extra points in. Oh and would it kill me to eat some fruit?

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