Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The days just keep swinging

You'd think getting up before the sun every morning would make your day feel longer.  Nope.  It's getting shorter and shorter for me.  I lay my down on the pillow at 8pm last night.  And then (gasp) fell asleep!  And it's a good thing because man child got a cold and was up every 2 hours miserable.  Poor guy.  Poor me.  

Alarm goes off at 5:30am.

"Maybe today no one will come.  I can curl up on the tennis courts and sleep on my yoga mat.  Someone might even show up and bring me a mocha......"

Buzz.  5:35am.  

Oh dang!  When did I hit snooze??

Okay, really up this time.  Close on, shoes on, out the door.

We did circuits today.  13 women showed up!  Good workout.  We have women of all fitness levels.  Every one of them are pushing themselves (sometimes with my help- I get to put on the bitch hat sometimes) and it's really turning into a good time.  I'm always looking for ways to challenge those that need a challenge and surprise them with new exercises.  I have this people pleasing thing where I want everyone to LOVE it.  Like, not just think it's okay- but LOVE it.  It's sort of embarrassing how often I think of bootcamp and different things to try.  I suppose if I were to have an obsession, then this is a nice one.  Well, this and mochas.  

Okay- man child is needing me (he's almost crawling!!!).  I must run. :)


Jon & Amanda said...

I'm so glad you showed up, and kick us into high gear this morning. It's obvious how much work you put into this, and I'm so grateful. While it's going to be fun to go to St. Simons, I'm bummed to miss bootcamp. In fact I took my bands with me this morning, so I can have my own down there;)

jenn4516 said...

Hi! I can't believe your man child is almost crawling - time is flying. Can u post another pic of the baby? Also, your arms are looking amazing. I have about 33 lbs to get where you're at & you're inspirational. I know I will get there one day. Thanks.

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