Monday, June 08, 2009

It was a Bootcamptastic morning.  Complete with suicides.  It's 5:37 pm here and I've been up for 12 hours.  I think I'll go to bed at 8pm!  I'm so tired.  But that mainly was a result of manchild thinking it was an all night breast fest last night.  Not cool.  

I'm enjoying my GF grill!  I did have one years ago.  The old school kind.  Never used it after I had kids (not sure why).  But I'm loving this one!  I grilled a pork loin (premarinated TJ's brand) and grilled some thick slices of tomato.  Delish!  Unfortunately tonight I grilled the Curry Chicken Tenders from TJs and they were way too salty.  Uneatable.  Not sure if I got a botched batch or what.  But they were gross.  I'm going to cook some salmon patties on them tomorrow night for dinner.  Then I have softball!  Oh man- I haven't really thought through having softball late Tuesday nights and then having boot camp the next morning.  Hmmmm...

All in all I'm really enjoying fitness again.  I'm slowly getting back to par.  But I have goals to get way past where I was last year before I found out I was pregnant.  I want to run more.  I'm hoping to get into a race here soon.  Maybe a half marathon in the next year.  :)

Here's my tracker:

Mocha (Starbucks- non fat, no whip-double tall)
2 eggs scrambled with TJ's lite shredded cheddar
2 slices Ezekiel toast with Smart Balance butter and reduced sugar black berry jam


Left over whole grain pilaf with red and yellow pepper
Half sweet potato

greek yogurt with honey

hardboiled egg
banana chips 

Salad with 1/4 diced avacado and Cilantro Lime Dressing
Two bites of Curry chicken tender (blech)



Anonymous said...

Why so many mochas? You'd be in size 4's in half the time if you didn't have one everyday, and sometimes two a day. Just a tip.

Jen Gordon said...

I had one, sometimes two mochas a day when I was in my size 4's. It's my thing. And I like it.

Lori said...

Just curious as to how you personally handle your BF points when you introduce solids. It sounds like your little man is a champion nurser...are you still using all 10 points? Do you usually count your activity points?

I can't seem to find the right balance. It's frustrating.

And thanks for your blog. I really find it (and you) inspiring.

candace said...

Keep drinking those is about balance. Work hard and then rest while you enjoy the goodness of your mocha.
Good to see you tonight :)

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