Sunday, June 07, 2009

Guess what impulse buy I picked up today?

I'm ridiculous really. But I'm trying to increase my ingestion of grilled lean meats and veggies. The grill on the deck overwhelms me and I'd just assume keep it all in one place (the kitchen). So, I'm going to grill some pork loin tonight with some roasted tomatoes and brown rice. Should be yummy.

Bootcamp is tomorrow. I'm planned out all the workouts and I'm ready to get back in my early morning routine. Now if I could just get the manchild to sleep consistently then my life would be perfect.

Or maybe I'd just get an hour more of sleep...

Anyway, my alarm is going off at 5:45 tomorrow morning and I'm hoping my body will get up and go. Lately I've been dragging. The workouts should energize me.

Here's my tracker:

Hardboiled egg

Trader Joe's Curry Rice Stirfry
Multi grain pilaf
Sauteed veggies
Salad with avacado

Ice mocha (two- I know)
Hardboiled egg
Lite string cheese

Grilled pork loin
Roasted tomatoes
Brown rice

Fage 2% greek yogurt with honey


Linda said...

I hope that you enjoy your George Foreman grill. When my husband and I moved in together 4 1/2 years ago, we didn't have an outside grill yet. So we ended up buying the GF grill. We threw it away last year sometime because it was a hassle. BUT I have heard a LOT of people that LOVE theirs. Our main thing was that it was a pain the ass to clean. A little bit of make cleaning a little easier, plug it in and get it hot again (if you wait until after eating to clean it) and then take a wet washcloth to clean it. It makes it much easier to get the stuff that has dried off of it. Good luck, and I hope that you enjoy your new grill!

The Kiep Kid's Mom said...

ok..I have to know what is the mocha you drink eat day? I have been seeing them forever and now that I am back on the band wagon I want one too! :)

katiewhitecoat said...

i love that boot camp meets in the hood. if it were scheduled later in the day... the likelihood of my involvement would skyrocket.
i think i'm going to join the Y though. you know, take some classes, swim some laps!
btw, if i wake up because i hear someone screaming, i'm calling the cops! at that early in the morning my ears can't distinguish between pep, agony, and murder.

jenn4516 said...

The Foreman grill can be nice, but is such a pain to clean. I hear the new ones are better (mine's 9 years old).

A good recipe is to first flatten a chicken breast, brush with olive oil, and sprinkle garlic powder/paprika/fresh ground pepper/red pepper flakes on it and cook it - YUMMY!

Jeffiner said...

Oh I love my GF grill! I had one several years ago before they came with removeable plates. And a couple of years ago I got one for Mother's day with the removeable plates and that thing never leaves the countertop!

Linda said...

Good Lord, they have removeable plates now??? Well I might have to rethink getting one then.

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