Monday, March 08, 2010

Arrrrhhhhh Planks...

I was too busy sleeping this morning to bother getting up for my workout.  So now, of course, I'm doing it post kid bedtime. The usual time I would be snuggled in the couch with the hubs, watching season 4 of The Wire.  I've also been lazy about my water consumption today and now gulping down my last few cups of water.  

 So, I'm doing planks:

And here's why... The other day after having done planks for a few weeks now I noticed a spark of what COULD be some actual stomach tone.  Like, maybe even the beginning of the first two packs of the 6 pack.  Kinda.  Sorta.  Do you see it??  Of course I darkened the picture to pick up on any shadow of a hint of muscle there.  And I clumsily took the pic to capture the moment (for fear of it going away) with photo booth because I didn't have my phone or camera near by.  Sort of like I do with the kids when they're all playing happily and smiling (for fear of it going away).  

There- do you see it?  Have I mentioned how unbelievably happy I am that I got the tummy tuck????!!  I know I probably sound vain.  I really don't mean to sound like that.  It's just that I have worked really hard for years to get in shape and be toned.  But my stomach has been what felt like a weird tumor on my body- even with my intense workouts.  It didn't match up.  I was wearing size 4s and having this giant skin sack thing draping over them.  It just felt very uncomfortable.  When I look at my "before." , I'm really proud of how far I've come (even if I did choose plastic surgery to help me get there).   I know lots of us mamas have the fluffly skin apron going on- but you gotta cut a sister a break when she's finally got a real stomach again.

Okay, enough about my rock hard abs of steal.  My bootcamp starts in less than a month.  I've been preparing myself for it with interval training.  I'm really weak on the cardio.  Like, I sound like a smoker when I do more than 2 mins of cardio.  Its amazing to me that I used to run 5 miles like it was no biggie. I've been utilizing my treadmill doing things like this: 

1 minute jog
30 jumping lunges
1 minute jog
30 sec sprint
30 squats
1 minute jog

Wash, rinse and repeat 3X

Pretty good for a 30 mins or so interval workout on and off the treadmill.  Makes me not despise hate loathe dislike the treadmill so much.  Tonight I did a strength interval.  It went something like this:

Pike push ups (as many as will allow w/ good form)
30 shitty Jumping Lunges
20 Rows with 15 lbs dumbells in each hand

Repeat 3X

Biceps-3 sets of 12
Pizza Server extensions-1 set of 20
Tricep Dips- 3 sets of 12
Squats with 10 lb dumbells- 3 sets of 12

Bout' 30 mins

And for fun- here was my play list during my workout:

Arcade Fire- Keep the Car Running
Spotlight- Mute Math
Stood Up-A Fine Frenzy
Starlight- Muse
Maps- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Full Moon-Black Ghosts
The Violet Hour- Sea Wolf


Jenn said...

I can see two of you abbey's waiting to pop through.

Just read your about page and I am very impressed with your progress.

We also have it seems nearly identical taste in music.

Going to add you to my reader.

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

Okay...the pic of your abdominals (have you seen the commercial where the girl keeps talking about her "abdominals" and saying how much she loves them?) and you look amazing! Bikini city for you this summer! Did you get a real one???!?? JEalous...I may not have "chicken skin" but there are def a few stretch marks there. You look great!

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