Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am here, just busy

This week has been full of doula business.  Consults, prenatals, and teas.  Oh my.

I did however get a kettle bell workout in here and there.  I saw  one at Target that had a 25 min dvd workout.  I had been seeing some blogs of gals who use them lately and figured I'd try them out.   I burned 200 calories in 25 mins!  Of course, I got the 20 lb kettle ball, because, well, I'm a bad ass, right?   No.

Maybe I should have started with a 10 lb bell.

Going to get another workout in today.  Turkish get ups will be the death of me.

This week has gotten away from me.  I'm leaving town with all 3 kids SOLO!  I'm meeting my mom in the mountains to get my city kids in nature.  I enjoy the mountains because there are so many trails to choose from and so many ways to be active.  And so many coffee shops with so many mochas.  I inherited my mocha madness from my mom.  We live and breath everything mocha.

Where was I?  Oh,   I also love that the kids can just go outside and explore and the only threat is bambi. In fact, lots of bambis (or is that bambies?  Or bambi- but pronounced like octopi?) come around there.  My mom leaves out deer food so as to lure them in.  She also has a thing for dwarfs.  She thinks she's snow white.

Anyway, it helps us all just breath real air and see nature.  Step away from routine, video games, blogging, twitter and cement and see God's creation.  And we're all better for it.  Bless their hearts....

I'll bring my kettle bell there so I can enjoy the strange looks from my mom.  But I'll also be outdoors most of the time and will plan a few runs.  I'll have some pics from my adventures...


Jenn said...

Awesome kettlebells!!!!

Have fun in the mountains. Man I wish I was going to the mountains. Sounds dreamy.

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

The kettlebell sounds like a fun workout. Looks INTENSE. But I can see where it would work EVERYTHING. Good idea. I may have to look into getting one of those. Have fun in Boone! You want to get away from the city and enjoy nature, I want to get away from the nature stuff and enjoy a city...hmmm. Grass is always greener?!?! Love :)

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