Friday, March 12, 2010

Some days you wake up, walk into your bathroom and you see this:

I like how the clothes are stacked like a triple decker ice cream cone.  And how I still insist on putting the wicker top on it, like the cherry on top.  Like that somehow makes it neater.  And as tempting as it is to spend nap time (aka workout time) catching up on laundry and what not, I know I need to get my workout in.  

Here's how to get a good workout with out a gym membership or a tread mill:

Get a good heart rate  monitor

Some dumb bells.  
Even if I'm working my legs- I used dumb bells in the squats or lunges. 

A plan or calorie goal

Here's my squatting.  My pants are blending with the black blob in the back ground- thereby making my ass into a black blob.  My apologies.  My goal is to get my azzz to the coffee table and SQUEEZE at the top.  It's not a squat without the squeeze at the top.  ;)

Sweaty, 400 calorie afterglow:

Cardio ideas or indoors:
Run up and down stairs
Double foot hop up stairs
Inchworm around living room
Jumping Jacks
Jump rope
(I don't jump rope because I piss my pants.  True Story)

You can sequences or combos of any of these and mix them up.  Putting some strength in between cardio sets.

Thankfully I do have a tread mill and that helps tremendously when I'm trying to get some good cardio in.  I'm not a hamster, so I don't like just running and running.  I like intervals.  Something like this:

Run 2 mins at X speed
30 forward lunges
Run 2 mins at X speed
20 push ups
Run 2 mins at X increased speed
20 hammer curls
Run 1 min at X speed, then increase to a sprint for 1 min
20 tricep dips
Walk on 10 incline for  2 mins
20 push ups
Cool down jog for 2 mins
20 squats
 1 min plank

I'll usually have a calorie goal and shoot for that.  Sometimes if I have 50 calories to go I'll just go up and down my stairs until I reach my goal.  Just play with it.  You'll be amazed at what a good, tough workout you can get in your living room.  Make sure your form is good.  Look up exercises on youtube and watch the form.  Bad form can result in injury or a waste of time (not working).  

Now stop reading about it and go do it!   ;)


Alessandra said...

hi jen! (like i know you, right? lol)
so I used to ALWAYS read your blog and when you stopped i was so bummed!
I too had a son (now 3.5) and then a daughter (almost 2.5) and had much success on ww... after a longing for a third babe, i also had a third! a boy (6 months). i always read your blog for inspiration and i just started ww again! its so funny that upon starting back up, i found your blog again! :)
i just wanted to tell you that you look AMAAAAZING and i also plan on tummy tuckin' it once the weight is gone... anyway, good to see you bloggin' again! :)
corona, ca

Jen Gordon said...

Hi Alexi!

Thanks for leaving a comment. :) I was hoping some of my old followers would figure out I was blogging again. I need it to keep me in line! And I enjoy reading how others do this whole food/fitness thing.



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