Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to get up and workout

Some days I'm so lazy.  And when I get lazy, I get LAZY. And those days it's hard to peel myself off of Word with Friends on my iphone and do my workout.  (my screen name is Jenrosegordon JUST in case you want to play me).  And on these days if I let my brain churn long enough and procrastinate- I will likely rationalize my way out of a workout.  

Me: It's raining outside. Huh.

Rockstar Me: Um, yeah. So?

Me: Well, I was planning to run for my cardio today.

Rockstar Me: You have a treadmill. Or you can do some interval training in the living room. You have options. Adapt.

Me (with a side of martyr mommy syndrome) : But I hate running on the treadmill. Maybe I should rest today. Studies show that people who get enough sleep are skinnier. And I have THREE kids. That's, like, hard. Besides, there's a ton of laundry and I need to clean the bathroom.  

Rockstar Me: You are full of shit.

Most fitness lovers will tell you that the hardest part of getting that daily workout in is putting your shoes on.  So true.  Here are some strategies that help me:

  • Workout before your brain can wake up-excuses start pouring in if you let the day go on and on
  • Sleep in your workout clothes- one less thing you have to do
  • Go to bed early
  • Plan your workouts for the week
  • Change it up.  If you hated that 3 mile path you took last week, well then don't do it again.  Find a new path.  
  • Tell yourself you'll only do 15 mins.  That way the pressure is off.  But many times you'll end up extending it. 
  • Set a calorie burn goal for the week.  (Buy a good heart monitor)  Some days I set a goal to burn 500 in my workouts.  Other days it's 200.  No matter what number- seeing that number increase as you go really  motivates you.  Even if you only burn 150 calories a day during your workouts- that's still 1050 calories/week!
  • Find new and interesting exercises.  I like to go on you tube and browse around. 
  • Lastly (this is for me as much as it's for anyone else)- just because you're a mom does not mean you can't workout.  You have the time- chances are you're not making it.  The idea of getting up at 6am to workout made me cringe too.  I really didn't believe that 6am existed until I had kids.  If it's not 6am, then make it nap time.  Squeeze it in.  It's far better to get a workout in, benefiting from the relaxing endorphins, than to feel too stressed to work out.  And what a good role model for your kids! 

Once again- copied a workout from Girl Hero.  Again, I'm lazy.  Burned 280 calories.  Threw in a 1 min plank and some push ups too. 

Jump rope -2 minutes (I mock jump rope because jumping jacks make me piss my pants.  True story.)
25 lunges – each leg for 50 total (remember to lunge deep)
50 squats (azz to the grazz)
15 burpees
15 jump squats

And my playlist:

Mr. Brightside- The Killers
Spotlight- Mute Math (This song makes me want to move)
Like I Love You-Justin Timberlake
Lovesong-Annie Stela
Ray of Light- Madonna
Ageless Beauty-Stars
Supermassive Black Hole- Muse
Maps-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Full Moon-Black Ghosts
Obstacle 1-Interpol
It Don't Matter to the Sun-Rosie Thomas


katie said...

Great picture up there and I love the "talk to yourself" via your Rockstar self! Too funny!

Jenn said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out. I just happened to see it here. I haven't been checking my stats for lent (I was obsessing on that like everything else) therefore I'm not seeing any links to me or else I would have thanked you sooner. :-)

I have bladder issues too. ANNOYING!

Jenn said...

BTW that picture with the segway KILLS ME!!! LMAO!!!

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