Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Mother Loving Arms

Went on a 3 mile run this morning after dropping #2 off at school.  I like to run through the rich neighborhoods here in down town Atlanta.  I imagine I am a southern bell named Buffy (not the vampire) and I have boys that I dress like girls until they're strong enough to resist.  Then I have a nanny that I just ADORE and I exercise and shop all day.  And do occasional volunteer work at my eldest child's private preschool that costs my nanny's salary for a 3 day/week spot.   And my arms probably look like this:

Speaking of arms, aren't Kelly Ripa's arms amazing???  They are my new celebrity wanna be body part. I love strong arms.  To me they symbolize motherhood.  I never had sculpted arms before I became a mother.  And then after I had #1 I noticed tone.  Even before I got into fitness.  For me there is definitely a fine line between sculpted arms and "Holy Mother Lover- are you a man or woman" arms.  I mean, if that's what you're after- well done!  But I prefer maybe one notch below GI Jane.  And hair.  On my head, not my arms.  

As it stands- I can't even do 1 pull up.  Not one.  And I've tried.  So my new fitness goal is to bump up the arms a little.  And be able to do a pull up by May.  Mother's Day!  Mutha sculpted arms.  

Anyhoo- here's my playlist today during my run:

Interpol-Obstacle 1
Supermassive Black Hold- Muse
Lovesong- Annie Stela
Ageless Beauty- Stars
Wake Up-Arcade Fire
Happier-A Fine Frenzy
Good Morning- Rogue Wave
Hearing Damage-Thom Yorke

What are your celebrity body part crushes?
(that sounds weird, but I'm going with it)


Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

Umm...can I just say Kelly Ripa, as a whole?!? I have a total girl crush on her. Maybe it's because I think she and her husband, Mark, are just the cutest couple EVER. I just love her. And yes, her arms are quite awe inspiring! I am quite fond of Cameron Diaz's legs. They aren't too skinny, but they are toned and girly looking. You know what I mean?!?! Good post girl. I know exactly what you are talking about running through the swanky hoods in the ATL. I used to be that Nanny who's boss spent half their salary shopping or at Pottery Barn just for $^#&@ and giggles. :)

Amanda said...

I want to tell you how THRILLED I am that you are blogging again. I have missed your blogs, that's for sure.

I love Jen Aniston's arms...abs...butt..okay just her in general. Also, Courtney Cox Arguette has a rockin body too. I too am a fan of Kelly Ripa's arms. She rocks and until recently (last few years maybe) she didn't work out. At least that's what she claimed on her show...

Jenn said...

Kelly Ripa's arms are my celebrity wanna be body part too. OMG...love them. I also dig....oh what is here name....the lady from the show "workout"....oh yeah Jackie Warner.

"mammals and music" AWESOME!

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