Monday, March 29, 2010

"I'm a good stomach bug from my goal weight"

I'm sure you've heard that before.  Well, turns out it is quite an efficient way to lose some pounds.  I highly recommend it!  I woke up yesterday feeling off.  I had 3 drinks the night before with my friend and hubby.  But that was over a long period of time and I was, by no means, drunk.  But, nonetheless, I woke up feeling sick.  No head ache, just stomach aching and yucky.  It's always hard to tell with me because when I get sick- I get sick down south.  I'm not a puker.  I'm classy like that.  Eventually I realized I was not hung over (yah me!), but had a bug.  And here I am 24 hours later still experiencing, ahem, the bug.  I'll spare you accurate, yet comical descriptions of what it's like.  Like, comparing my bowel movements to a coke machine would be funny and accurate, but gross.  And, like I said- I'm classy.

So, I haven't left the house in the last  2 days.  There have been no mochas in sight.  Caffeine headaches came and went.  And I'm down 2 lbs.  If I could arrange for a stomach bug to come every other week, that would be fabulous.  We could have a chain gang of germ passers, all committed to one cause: explosive diarrhea.

I think it's gonna take off.

I'm not a fan of working out while dehydrated and recovering from illness, so I'm not doing anything today.  I was able to get a good run in Friday.  5 miles.  This time in 56 mins!  I wasn't trying to up my time- but I noticed because last time it was 58 mins.  I think it had something to do with the rain.  I ran faster to make it end sooner.

I'm determined to put my bike helmet on this week and go riding.  It's been too long and my road bike was too expensive to sit in my garage.  Plus it's got cute little girly swirls on it.  Who wouldn't want to ride that?  (that's what she said)

Bootcamp starts on FRIDAY!  ACK!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better! I love your blog. I slipped it into my sidebar so I could come back and catch up on the posts.

Your before and after pics are truly amazing. You're such a pretty woman anyway, but with the weight off, you truly shine.

Jenn said...

Bummer. Sorry to hear you are sick. WTH is that picture. That is really bizarre!! Ha.

Nice on the run!

I hope you feel better soon!

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