Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Church and Science

The Gordons have sorta revamped our life a lot lately.  Ed and I have been on our own little spiritual quest of falling back to the simple things.  Looking deeper into marriage, friendships, life, finances, God, family. De-cluttering the junk drawer of a life we've had in years past. It's been quite a journey.  Really scary at times, but mostly really rewarding.  When you strip things down to the bare bones, you have nothing to lose.  And it's quite freeing to have nothing to lose.  There is no other freedom like it.  It's a place where questions lead to questions and answers yield to disappointment.  Does that make sense?  I hadn't realized how peaceful it is to have questions unanswered than to know it all.

And so this Sunday our place of worship was The Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  Really where else can you see the face of God than in nature?  We're also homeschooling Fischer this year and Sunday was Science Day as well.  We ran, sweat our asses off, studied bugs, tricked venus fly traps into thinking a leaf was a delicious bug, saw bull frog tadpoles sprouting legs, walked through a water fall, touched butterflies, cried when we didn't get our way, stood patiently while each and everyone of us saw the little yellow frog in the aquarium that was a big hit, drank water, studied honey bees, jumped in fountains (even though we brought no change of clothes, bathing suits or towels), climbed trees, and asked some really great questions.  It was a blessed event!  So much so that I actually resisted the urge to pull the iPhone out and take a picture of every single moment.  Letting my soul capture it fully instead.

But I did manage to snap out of presence to get a few: 



Meghan said...

Love it. If you ever go again we Arias' want to go too!

Jen Gordon said...

But of course! But I'll warn you- it's hot.

Jenn said...

That first paragraph really spoke to me. Thank you.

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