Monday, August 23, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday morning I woke up with the kids since it was Ed's sleep in day.  After getting everyone settled for breakfast, I made myself a soy latte (WTF? Where's the mocha you ask?  More on that later).  We eased into Sunday morning pajama wearing, book reading, syrup smelling, scrabble playing wonderland set to the soundtrack of Tom and Jerry and Shepherd's request of "ga ga's" (food) even though he ate 2 bowl's of oatmeal, 1 peach and a soy milk.  The spell broke around 9 when Ed came downstairs, poured his coffee, sat on the couch and called me a pussy.   As he should and is expected too.  You see,  I we're training for a half marathon together and I needed to log my 5 miles.   But I was hoping he forgot.  (Yes, Ed and I are running a half marathon together on Thanksgiving Day).

And so I manned up, got my running clothes on and headed to my favorite 5 mile route downtown.  It sucked.  Really sucked.  You know how runs do that sometimes?  Blech.  I declared it a Wog since I lingered between a walk and jog pretty much the whole time.  But one cool thing I saw was an albino squirrel.  Isn't that like a 4 leaf clover?  Lucky, no?  Eh.  Anyway, itt's way hot here in Atlanta and unless you get up at the crack of dawn- it's down right dangerous to run in this heat.  Plus, I was sick last week and I don't think I quite recovered.  But I got the miles in!  So I'll stop whining.

But the FUN part of yesterday was last night Ed and I went on our once-a-week-date-night-god-please-let-us-feel-like-people-without-children-for-2-hours.  We went to Barnes&Nobles and piddled around here and there, binging on Us Weekly magazine browsing the reputable news, health, and fitness magazines.  I wondered into my old habitat of DIET BOOKS for fun.  No, really.  For fun.  I took note of the crazy amounts of diets that are out there.  Like the "thousand books of scripture" that I wrote about last week.  I let a guffaw come out of my lips as I sat down and took it in.  Dear God we need help.  And as I sat there smiling and saying the titles of the books out loud to myself, I finally just relaxed.  I wasn't looking into the rows of eye catching book covers for a promise of life change and redemption.  I saw them for what they were.  Books.  And I walked away.

Then my man and I headed to Spoon.  Spoon is a Thai restaurant in East Atlanta.  And Scout Mob had a sweet deal of 50% off your dinner there.  We indulged in wine, basil rolls and Vegan Pad Thai - all for $25!!!

It was a good Sunday.

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Meghan said...

That does sound like a good Sunday!

Next time you go to Spoon invite me.

Cool picture of Ed, by the by.

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