Sunday, August 08, 2010

Summerizations 3: And then there was life!

We've been doing a whole lot of living this summer.  I've been saying Yes a lot more than No lately.  To my kids, to my self, to life.  

Here are some snippets.

My firstborn freaking me the hell out with my Dad's snake.  

It gives me the heebie jeebies just typing it. 


Waking up to Shepherd crawling in my bed. 

Millie received her first black eye as a result of a chair hitting her straight on her nose.  But, you see, the game she was playing before the chair fell over was SO MUCH FUN!

My kids at my aunt's house watching a VHS of Jungle Book.  Who has a VCR anymore?  
Aunt Christie.

Sharing icecream with my husband after 2 glasses of wine and a really great conversation.
(He was peeing when I took this shot)

Breakfast out:

Guitar playing and sword fighting

Drinking my margarita straight out of the pitcher...
While my son watches, no less.  
It was a prop people, relax. 

Playing rock band with my brother.
Over enthusiasm is a trait I stand alone in in our family.

Taking shots with my Dad and sister. What they didn't know was that I only took one.  Filled the rest up with water.  I'm smart like that.  They're not.  But I love them. 


Jenn said...

Yes and....

That was a phrase I learned at comedy improv school. I try to remember it when I want to say no. Love this post, Jen. You are a good mama.

Snakes freak me the hell out too.

Jen Gordon said...

Comedy Improv school??! Um, hello coolness! In my dreams....

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