Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Down .8 lbs!!! Not too bad considering it was the week of Thanksgiving and I know I splurged over my points. I keep telling myself: just think how many pounds I would have gained if I had eaten the way I normally did the past Holidays. So I'm pretty happy with that. It was nice because most of my extended family hasn't seen me since I was 9 months pregnant or just immediately post partum so they were all really shocked by how thin I was. It was nice and motivating to keep this journey on the right path. My aunt just kept looking at me and saying she wants to be "skinny" like me. That felt good. I can't remember the last time I felt "skinny." I just told her: "Join Weight Watchers and don't stop!"

I have been very busy here in the post Thanksgiving days taking care of my sick babies (Ed included). We all have colds and my little baby girl has RSV so I'm having to give her inhaler treatments 4 times a day to help her breath better. Poor thing. We're both not sleeping at night. She wakes up unable to breath well and I have to get the inhaler out and then nurse her. It becomes a 1 hour ordeal. Ugh. But luckily I've been able to get up in the morning and start the day with some energy. God's grace I suppose...

I'm still trying to figure out how many points I should be eating. I've currently been on 28 pts a day but because Amelia is nursing less and eating more solids, I'm wondering if my weightloss is slowing because I'm overestimating how much she's actually eating from me. So I may experiment on 26 pts a day. If I get hungry, I'll adjust and eat. I'd really like to see some substantial loss this month. Especially with Christmas coming. After Christmas I'll breath easier and then it's the countdown to my 10 yr high school reunion in April!!! Can't wait!!

Well, I'm teetering on the 150 mark. I can't wait to see the 140's. I think my official weigh in was 151.2 lbs on Monday. Oh man, I really want to see the 140's next Monday....

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