Saturday, November 25, 2006

THANKSGIVING!!!! Well, I did good. By good, I mean I didn't binge on Thanksgiving day. Instead I over ate the day AFTER Thanksgiving! Right when I let my guard down, a hot dog bit me in the ass! :) We went to Knoxville, TN to get together with my mom's family and I did so well the first two days. Then the last day (we decided to stay one more night on a total whim) we went to this Christmas tree festival downtown. We walked, and walked, and walked (I had Amelia in a sling) and then we were all hungry. The ONLY food option was a hotdog. That was it! It was weird. So I ate one. Then we got home and I just went semi-nuts and ate another plate of Thanksgiving leftovers!!??? I was NOT hungry and yet everyone else came home and started filling their plates so I just followed. Immediately after I finished it I had that icky feeling and got really mad at myself. I stuffed myself to the point of wanting to sleep. So I did. I just wanted tomorrow to come so I could start over.

So I wake up this morning (still in Knoxville) after a long night of my baby coughing and running a fever. None of us slept. I just can't sleep when one of my kids are sick. I ended up nursing her almost all night to comfort her. Poor thing. But- as I was so tired and hanging on by a thread I thought to myself: "Hey, maybe all the calories I'm burning breastfeeding my sick baby will help with the damage I did overeating last night." I'm so vain... So I reluctantly wake up and head upstairs to start loading the car. I walk up from the basement, open the door and there it is. I big box of fresh donuts. DAMN IT!!!!! It's like Satan is setting boobie traps for me left and right. :) So, I grab one in a frazzled, sleepy state and down it. We finally got our car loaded with everything and I had a chance to look up the points. For a chocolate cake glazed donut it's 7pts!!! Pisser! So I logged it in my food diary and went on. So far I've stayed OP all day. It's 4:30pm and I have 6 pts left and I'm not even hungry. I'm craving sleep more than chocolate at this point in the day.

My husband is so sweet. My little sick one has been sleeping the last 2 hours and even though Ed is dead tired, he took Fischer to the park. AND he offered to bring me back a mocha when he comes home! He knows the way to my heart. Just thought I'd share.

Well, today is Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday and the next day is Monday: weigh in day. My goal is to stay OP the next 48 hours (and beyond) and maybe see a loss. But I know there's a possibility I won't lose due to my mishap, so I'm just going to set a goal to make it to the meeting and stay positive. I have a whole month before Christmas to lose some more. Then once Christmas is over I'll rest a little easier! :) My ultimate goal is 135. I'm 150-152lbs right now..... It's getting close!

I tried to attach a recent pic, but I got a new computer and my iphoto isn't working properly. Ed is going to fix it soon and I'll be sure to post one! I need to wear my new size 6's!!!!

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