Monday, November 13, 2006

Proof there is a God! As you can read in my last few posts I've been really discouraged and was on a plateau. Not having any significant losses and even having small gains. This whole past week has been awful. I've been so bloated, which has made my jeans feel tight and I've been retaining water like a mad woman. My scale has been all over the place. 153 one day and then 159 the next! I was really upset.

Then I get to my meeting this morning and totally prep the receptionist who weighed me.

Me: "I've had a really bad few weeks. I'm totally expecting a gain"
Receptionists: "Well, step on and let's see."
Me: (taking shoes and jacket off) "I'm even expecting my "lady friend" this month so I'm really bloated" (why did I share that? I have NO idea. I'm a dork)
Receptionist: *awkward smile*

I step on

Receptionists: "Wow- you did great!" *hands me back my weigh in record*

3.4 lbs gone! WHAT????!!!! How is that possible? I was so thrilled. I needed this so badly. I was really feeling a bit helpless.

Last night as I went to bed I talked to God a little. I shared my heart on how yucky I've been feeling. It's been sorta like a dream come true to lose this much weight and I was so sure I would get to goal. Then I stopped believing that in the last few weeks and resorted to some old thought patterns. I just told God that if there was anyway He could help me have just a little loss- I'd be so grateful. Then I just felt ridiculous praying about it in the first place. Ya know, since weight loss is such a pressing matter! Well, not only did I have a small loss. I had the biggest loss I've had so far this whole weight loss journey! So, there you have it, God answers prayers! Even if they're vain and stupid.

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karyn said...

you go girl. I'm really proud of you. Being realistic and staying on the plan despite setbacks is awesome. Remember -- Slow and Steady wins the race!:)

You have once again been a great inspiration to me. I have been changing my eating patterns and cutting out extra snacking. I thought it wasn't really working. This morning I woke up "feeling" thinner:)Although I don't have a scale. I will walk down to the In'laws later and see.

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