Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Victory! I weighed in yesterday and I had a .4 gain. I count that as a victory because I know I was not as good as I should have been at the beach. Considering I ate doritos, fried stuff, beer, wine, and lots of snacks! I was actually worried I would have gained 2 lbs or something. But, I'm back in Atlanta and back to my routine. I went to the grocery store and bought a TON of food. I really want to eat at home as much as possible to avoid added sodium and junk. They opened a new Super Wal-Mart near me (apparently the first ever urban wal-mart) and they carry this great peanut butter called Naturally More. It's all natural and has flaxseeds in it. It's only 3 pts for 2 tbsps. Considering regular peanut butter is 5 pts per serving, I'm glad to have the option. I actually like the crunch the flaxseeds give. I put some on a rice cake for a good 4 pt breakfast. The protein in the peanut butter keeps me full too. I'm trying to branch out and look for new things to eat to change it up a bit.

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