Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oh. My. God. I had some gift certificates to use from my birthday last month and I finally had the time to go use them. I went into the Gap and looked at the jeans. I used to wear Gap Long and Lean jeans in a size 14 back in the day. Well, I decided to try on some. I grabbed an 8 and walked around looking some more. Then, randomly, I went back and traded the 8's for a 6. I went into the dressing room and guess what????? They fit! And they really even THAT tight. I cannot believe it! I'm so happy. A size 6 jeans!!!! I can hardly believe it. I'm so glad I've been so faithful to this eating plan. It is really paying off! :)

Just had to share.


Weigh in is in 2 days. I'll post results then!

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