Saturday, November 10, 2007

Can I just say how nice it is to get out of bed, put a robe on and just wake up slowly? Amelia woke me up with her morning babble. I was so relieved to not have something to do first thing. We woke up and went down stairs for her "baba." She's very particular about her baba. It's a sippy cuy with whole milk, microwaved for exactly 39 seconds. It's like her mocha. When she doesn't get it, she's cranky! We settled in to our spot on the couch and played. Ed and Fischer had apparently wandered over next door looking for coffee and were invited to eat biscuits and gravy. We have that kinda relationship with our neighbors-they happen to be our best friends too. My husband and son finally came back and now Ed took Amelia to Starbucks for me to get me my fix! That's a good man my friends.

So I used A LOT of flex last night. I logged everything, but I don't feel like writing all out here. It was a munch fest, lets put it that way. It was good though. My friend and I went to a place here in Atlanta called The Local. They have the best tator tots! We munched and got drinks. Then I hit a wall and was exhausted. I climbed into bed and was so glad to go to sleep.

So I edited this because my plan was to go to my Cardio Funk class today but I'm just down right tired. I figure 4 days of a cold and hard workouts is enough under my belt to take this Saturday off. Instead Amelia and I are going to eat lunch with my bff Monica and wander around Atlantic Station here in Atlanta. It's like an "eat, play, live" type of community where there are shops, apartments and restaurants all over the place. Should be fun. We already know we're going to California Pizza Kitchen- so I went to Dotti's Weight Loss Zone and looked the menu and points. I'm going to get the pea and barely soup for 4 pts. I need to be conservation and this is a great way to go out and have fun, but still stay OP!


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