Sunday, November 25, 2007

You know what they say about the best laid plans.....

I'm home from a 4 day binge on Thanksgiving food. Meal after meal, drink after drink, pecan pie after pecan pie.....It was shameful. I was downing food like a line backer. We celebrated Thanksgiving for the THIRD time this week. This time at my aunt's house in Knoxville. There was so much food there, I could barely look anywhere without an appetizer of some sort or brownies, or calorie laden holiday cocktails or CASSEROLES looking me back at me. At one point I even played "beer pong" with my sister and cousins. I don't even like beer, much less Bud Lite. But I guess I was swept away with the holiday spirit and laughed, ate and drank like a merry old winch! LOL One good this I did was go running/walking on the hilly paths of my aunt's neighborhood. I went Saturday, in the midst of my binging. It made me feel sane again...

I cannot even bring myself to step on the scale. Really, I think I'll panic if I see the damage right now. I need one good day OP before I step on. One good day OP and buck naked, rather. I need the best scale reading I can get.

Tomorrow is a new day! *deep breathe* I'm going to my weekly HEAT class. That should kick my butt! And I'm sure she'll make it especially hard since it's the first class since Thanksgiving. Oh joy!

So, I've set a new prize for myself. I talked with Ed and we agreed that if I can get downt o 135 lbs then I can schedule myself a full day at the spa of my choice! Holy. Cow. I'm back on the motivation wagon..

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