Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Good evening ladies and gents!

I'm coming off 3 days of intense busi-ness. I had a doula workshop Monday, a birth Monday night, then another workshop Tuesday. A nasty cold has kept me in a fog through it all. Luckily I got in two hard workouts in the middle of all that. Though, I'm wondering if I should have laid low because of my cold. I was really sluggish during the class at the YMCA.

I took a Power Step class tonight. Man, I've totally lost all coordination. I wanted to mix it up and do a different type class. This was complicated, to say the least. I enjoy dance-style stuff, but I just could not hit the step in the coordinating pattern the teacher wanted. I felt like a dumb ass to be honest. :) But, hey, at least I went and tried. And I came out covered in sweat! I'm now sitting in my bed, watching "The Antiques Road Show" on PBS. I just took a Sudafed Nighttime pill to help to get rid of this goop I have and it's hitting me now. *yawn*

Here's my trackers for today:

Mocha: 3 pts
1 hardboiled egg; 2 pts

Salad with romaine, spinach, tomatos, carrtos and some of the kid's chicken nuggets. Gorganzola raspberry vinegarette. 7 pts

carrots: 0 pts
hummus: 2 pts
100 Cheezits: 2 pts

Spagetti Squash-Chicken Cacciatore: 3 pts (I'll post recipe below)

Slim A Bear Klondike: 2 pts

Total: 23 pts
APs earned: 3 pts

Right on Target!

Cacciatore Recipe:

3 Bonelss, skinless chicken breast in crockpot all day until falling apart. Add: 2 cans diced tomatos, can of tomato paste, mushrooms, 1/2 large onioin, fresh garlic, oregano. Cook another few hours on low.

Half Spaghetti squash and cook flat side down in a baking dish with 1/2 inch of water. (350 @ 40 mins) When done, scrape out speghetti squash into a bowl. Use squash as "speghetti" and top with Chicken Cacciatore. Only 3 pts for one bowl (roughly 1/5 cups).


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