Friday, November 09, 2007

So I show up to my Heat class at the YMCA gym this morning. Feeling good. Feeling proud of how quickly I got out of the house. Made the kids eggs and chicken sausage for breakfast, Fischer's school lunch packed, both kids dressed.....I'm off! We start with our warm up of 5 laps around the gym. I start off......shit! I forgot my sports bra. I mean, I'm flying solo under there! I was so layered up from the cold that I forgot my freaking bra! I took one lap (holding my boobs in close with my forearms) and stopped. I walked over to the instructor nervously and laughed and said I forgot my bra and could NOT do the class with the flappin' bobsie twins. She reached into her gym bag and pulled out a sports bra! I grabbed it, ran into the utility room and made it back out in time to finish the warm up! Wow....women can really get your back sometimes.. LOL

My points renewed today. I love this Friday point renewal thing. I'm going to go get drinks with my BFF tonight and have a yummy appetizer of sorts. We usually go to Six Feet Under near us. It's a seafood place, but low key and they have this really cool roof top deck over looking the city. They have the BEST homemade chips with some sort of creamy dip to go with. I may save up for that!

I'll post tracker later. So far just a muffin and mocha. And I earned 4 pts for the Heat class!

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