Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The week has flown by...... As you know Monday was my cook day. That has paid off big time! I've had easy, healthy meals every night so far. Last night was Plant Sale soup with lean ground beef and tons of fresh veggies. Very flavorful and hit the spot. Tonight is Acorn squash stuffed with quinoa with cranberries, cinnamon, butter and pecans. 6 pts! I've been eating salad and fresh fruit all day every day. This is going to be my key to success I think. Plan, plan, plan......

I got on the scale this morning and it read 145.6! That's good news considering I was 149 on Sunday evening after my binge fest at Thanksgiving. I'm very encouraged. And I can't wait until that full day at the Spa! *drool* I went to my Total Body class yesterday and my Heat class instructor was subbing. "Oh Great!" is what I told her when I walked in. She laughed because she knew that I KNEW that she was going to kick our butts just like she did to me on Monday at HEAT. She did. I survived and was glad. The more calories I can burn the better!

I get to sort of endulge tomorrow night though... My friend is a massage therapist and gave me a massage gift certificate for my birthday. So I get to have a massage Thursday night! I. Can't. Wait. I've stayed strictly OP since Monday and I have to maintain that (with no flexies) until Friday. Thursday would be my breaking point, so its good to know I have something special to do that night besides snack.

I opted not to workout today. I usually work out at least every week day but I just wanted to sit on my ass today. I would normally go to a step class at 9:30am, but I just couldn't bring myself to leave my PJs and blanket and coffee and Regis and Kelly and go. So I gave myself a free day. Unfortunatelty that means I don't have extra points to eat . :( But I did rake leaves in the yard with the kids today for about an hour. I figure that earned me 1 AP.??

I'm making some WW friendly appetizers for our Book Club that's meeting at my house Friday. I need to keep my points in check. I'll probably spend some flexies on wine, but I WILL NOT go overboard and blow all of them in one day like I've been doing the past few weeks. It's technically "ok" to do that, but I think it reinforces that binge mentality in me and that's not healthy. Then Saturday we're doing the Christmas tree and Ed really wants to have the whole shabang with eggnog and cookies. Ugh... So that will be a challenge. Not really with the Eggnog, but definitely the cookies. I'll need to come up with something. Perhaps those Splenda sweetened premade ones? We'll see..

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