Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just checking in to say hi and that I'm doing well. I spent half of my flexies last night at dinner. Well spent! This next week will be busy, as I'm sure all of you will experience with Thanksgiving. I'm doing my preparation now to ensure I don't over do it. I'm also sharing a list of common Thanksgiving items and their point values. :) I've got 3 different Thanksgivings to go to on all different days!!!! One is tomorrow. Then Thursday. Then Friday through Sunday at my aunt's house in Knoxville. I say Friday through Sunday because my family will literally eat Friday through Sunday. Ya know that movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?" Well, that's like my family. Lots of wine and lots of food. That will be my biggest challenge since I won't be able to leave and go home. But I did it last year without blowing plan, and I can do it again!!!

I'm planning on creating my Thanksgiving plate from the items below and planning them into my weekly track for those days. Hopefully I can get in some cardio to help counteract it all. :)

Thanksgiving Points Plan

Turkey (1 oz) light or dark meat (without skin) = 1
Ham (1 slice)= 3
Stuffing... homemade (1/2 cup)= 4
Stuffing... Stove Top, all kinds, prepared(1/2 cup)= 4
Mashed Potatoes, homemade (1/2 cup)= 2
Green Bean Casserole, 1 cup= 5
Sweet Potato Casserole, 1/2 cup= 4
Brown gravy, homemade (1/4 cup)= 2
Corn, cream-style, canned (1 cup or 6 oz)= 2
Dinner roll any type (2 oz) = 3
Apple Pie, homemade (1/8 of pie)= 8
Pumpkin Pie, homemade (1/8 of pie)= 8

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candace smartt said...

Oh Yeh....!The period straight from HADES!

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