Saturday, November 03, 2007

There is an old lady in our neighborhood that was probably born in the hosue she lives in. Our neighborhood had been around since 1890 and there are lots of old folks that have been around for a long, long time. Anyway, this old lady sweeps her porch, steps and sidewalk every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY! And when you see her, she's not very friendly. I pass her on my runs in the neighborhood and she almost never acknowleges my waves. Just sweeps, sweeps, sweeps. It's kinda funny. She's outside everyday, but doesn't appear to enjoy it or even stop to live in it. Just sweeps. It made me think of "dieting" and how monotonous it all gets. We think that "staying focused" means we live this bland, limited lifestyle in regards to food. We plan our meals, workout and, like zombies, we watch the scale. I think I've been in that mode the last few months, which explains why I rebel and over eat in certain atmospheres. When I went to my mom's, I was like a 16 year old on spring break for pete's sake! But in the last 2 weeks my mojo is back and I'm enjoying the plan. I've planned meals, but not in a militant way. I"ve planned for treats too. It's been nice. :)

It's funny...weekends are always my downfall because I've already spent my Flex points earlier in the week. It's always beeen such a struggle. It never occured to me that I could adjust what day I wanted my Flex to renew! So I offically changed it to Fridays. :) I weighed in Friday at Weight Watchers (though I really consider my Monday night meetings to be "my meeting.") I weighed in at 145.0. Not too bad considering how out of control I had been for the last month. Just 3 lbs to shed off to maintain my Lifetime status for November.

Last night I did as planned, enjoyed Mexican food with friends. It was yummy! After dinner we ordered a fancy pants tequilla in a sipping glass. It was so strong I had to give it to Ed. The flavor was so intense! It wasn't worth the points. :) I felt good about spedning my flex there because I planned and knew exactly how many points I spent (25 pt). normally I would have thrown in the towl on tracking them and ended up eating more. But now I feel good. I have 10 more flex to work without until next Friday. Not too bad. Today I earned 4 pts at my Cardio Funk class. I've got 10 pts left and it's 6pm! How cool is that??!! We're having some friends over for burgers. I planned my burger already and even have enough for drinks. :)

Here's my tracker:

Special K with skim: 3 pt

Subway turkey sub with ff sweet onion teriyaki sauce (no cheese or mayo): 6 pts
Lite Chips: 1 pt

Mocha 3 pts

Trader Joe's Chicken Lime burger: 3 pts
High Fiber Bread: 1 pts
Lite chips: 1 pt
2 drinks: 4 pts

2 pts to play with.....

Total: 22 pts
APs earned 4 pts

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