Monday, February 16, 2009


Okay, back in my groove....

Saturday I showed up to a Step class at the Y and was thoroughly out of breath by warm up.  Needless to say I earned some serious activity points.  I chose not to use them based on my previous week in Boone and the love affair with White Russians.  Yesterday I  managed a brisk walk with my man child in tow.  About 2 miles.   Again, I did not count them.  I had a weird day of eating yesterday.  We got a burrito after church and it was so massive that I did really eat dinner because I was truly not hungry (gasp).  Instead I ate a bag of ff popcorn at the movies (saw Twilight with some of my favorite chicks).  So I stayed under my points.

It's 4pm today and I've got 19 pts left to use.  

I know....has hell frozen over?

I think I'm so into my Twilight books that I'm forgetting to eat.  And I'm only half way kidding...

I'm going to get a walk or dvd in today to earn some more activity points.  Although I'm convinced I should count the man child's constant all night nursing as running 4 miles every day.  

I'll be having leftover chili tonight and maybe even get some of my house clean.  

Here's my tracker (and I don't mean the vampire that's tracking Bella.  That was for you Jenny and Melanie):

Luna bar: 4 pts
Grande mocha: 4 pts

Lean Cuisine: 7 pts
Spinach salad with ff dressing: 1 pt

Apple: 1 pt

Chili: 7 pts
Crackers: 3 pts

27 pts...

I have 7 pts left for snack em's.


Tami said...

Hey Jen, my name is Tami and I've been following your blog. I also lost weight while reading those Twilight books because I chose to read instead of eat. They are soooo addicting....enjoy!!!

Jenny said...

I'm cracking up. Good post (any post with vampire references is a good one!) Quitting is not even close to being an option, Jen! Keep it up.

Jennifer said...

Like you I gave in a read the Twilight books. I think it took me all of three weeks to fly through all four of them. Life pretty much shut down for me, too.

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