Friday, February 20, 2009

Ready for the weekend...

Well, despite my  lack of sleep last night I was able to score a nap this afternoon courtesy of Edward.  (That's for my Twilight crew)  I then bundled up the little (or big) man and went for a walk.  4 miles!!!!  That's right, I walked 4 miles!  :)  Wow, it felt good.  I wanted to run, but I've never really been able to swing running and the stroller.  I should work on that...

Anyway, going to a friend's house tonight for her birthday.  Girls and drinks.  Good times.  

I've got plenty of points and am really looking forward to some childless time.  :)


1 slice high fiber bread: 0 pt
2 tbsp Naturally Peanut Butter: 3 pts

Kashi Ranchero Beans : 7 pts
Salad: 2 pts
Edemame: 2 pts

Ed's stirfry (turkey sausage, brown rice, zucchini): 7 pts

Drinks: 10 pts (that's my allowance)

Total: 31 pts (with 3 to spare!)

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