Sunday, February 22, 2009


We're playing hookie from church today. I, as usual, was up last night with Shepherd, only Amelia was having a rough night of sleep to. She slept in our bed and woke up periodically screaming. I can't figure out if it was a nightmare or if she was sick. Thankfully she woke up fine today. But all the activity resulted in me letting Ed sleep in and then I ended up napping during Shepherd's morning nap and we just pretty much missed church.

It also resulted in some poor food choices. You know how you're tired and then just start reaching for food when you're hungry. It's hard to think about fixing something when you just want to put something in your mouth. It really doesn't matter if it's a "good" or "bad" food. It just needs to be something. So, it's 12:30pm and I've already eaten 23 pts. But it doesn't mean my day is ruined or I won't be OP. I just need to reign it in and make better choices the rest of the day.

I'm hoping to get a walk in today. Maybe to Octane (our local coffee shop) and back. That's 3 miles. I MAY even try to run there. We'll see. I'm long for spring when the weather is nicer. It's so much easier to run outside in warm weather. I always had an easier time running in the dead of summer than in the winter. I just like working out in the heat.

Anyway, here's my tracker:

Luna bar: 4 pts

Luna bar:4 pts

4 8 inch flour tortillas: 12 pts (ugh)
Guacamoli: 3 pts
Salsa: 0 pts
Diet Lipton Green Tea with Citrus: 0pts

Total so far: 23 pts

This gives me 11 pts for the rest of the day. With some APs I should be good. Maybe something simple like a Lean Cuisine for dinner.

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Amanda said...

Sometimes you just have to play hookie, and I'm glad you guys had a nice day.

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