Monday, February 23, 2009

Very tired today but got my cardio in

My husband and I stayed up late talking last night.  It was good, but I'm absolutely zonked today.  I didn't get to get until 1:30am and then of course I was up at 3am, 5am and 7am.  Then up for the day!  Ugh.  I lay down during the baby's first nap, but ended up reading Eclipse (Twilight saga) instead of sleeping.  Why do I do that to myself?  And of course as I type my older kids are back from school and running throughout the house.

Anyway, after Shepherd's morning nap I bundled us up and headed to Starbucks.  Got my mocha and then went to my favorite park to walk.  Got in about 2.5 miles.  I was freezing when I started and then by then end I had stripped my hat and gloves off and zipped down my fleece.  I've been making an effort to do more than 30 mins when I do cardio.  Your body does not tap into that fat burn mode until 30 mins of cardio- so why stop there?  I at least do 45mins- but one hour is ideal.  And it doesn't mean you have to be super intense, just practice some endurance.  I read an article recently that showed almost the same fat burn (different from calories) happens when one walks on the treadmill for 30 mins compared to running.  And you get an even greater fat burn when you take "breaks" or circuit training.  This is why I love Jeff Galloway's method of recovery running.  Run 5 mins, walk 1 min.  Because even though I wouldn't run the whole 3 miles- my body still burn the same amount of fat as the person that did.  Mainly because I had to recover and then get back up to pace.  But it made running so much better!

Anyway, I'm getting my groove back for fitness.  I wish my life was such that I could live at the YMCA like I did.  But the baby is too young to the childcare and I have to be patient.  

Morning scale: 173.4 lbs


Luna bar: 4 pts
Banana: 2 pts

Grilled cheese (2% cheddar on high fiber bread- no butter): 4 pts
Tomato soup: 2 pts

Popcorn: 2 pts
Apple: 1 pt

Dinner: Not sure yet.  I'll stay within the points though!  I have 21 pts to play with.  

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Jennifer said...

You're doing great. Really inspiring. I've been frustrated lately. My left knee is really bothering me, shooting pain all through my thigh. It's not that bad when I'm exercising, by it kills after, like all day and night. I'm getting afraid to do cardio. It really sucks. Even walking on the treadmill bothers it.

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