Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Hey friends.

I've been busy this week.  Lots going on.  We're leaving for Boone tomorrow and I've spent any and all spare time doing laundry and prepping for packing.  I'm finding that having three kids mean you plan, plan, plan and do things way ahead of time.  Why does having two kids seem suddenly easy now?  It was like a vacation.  Phew! You forget how much time you spent holding a newborn.  Especially one that has reflux and colic and isn't a fan of being set down.  Thankfully he's become friends with his swing.  

Oh and did I mention that all of us have colds?  Even the baby?  I swear I cannot wait for the Spring.  I'm tired of colds and germs and being indoors.

Anyway- I've walked on the treadmill twice this week.  I'm very proud of that because I've felt very overwhelmed the last few days and I still didn't let that become an excuse.  And, after I was done I felt so much better.  

I've done well on the food front up until today.  I had been staying OP every day and then I got on the scale this morning with no change.  That number discouraged me so much that I let it sabotage my day.  You know the whole "if you feel fat, you'll act fat" thing?  Well, things were great until after lunch.  The Witching Hour as I like to call it.  That 2pm-5pm time where your kids are driving you mad and if you don't keep busy, you'll eat the entire pantry.  Well, that sort of happened to me.  Not horribly, but enough for me to think: wow- how quickly we slip.  The good thing and the thing that makes the difference is that I'm on here telling you all about it.  This confirms my philosophy of thinking like a skinny person.  If you "think" skinny, you'll be skinny.  

Moving forward...

On the upside my fabulous neighbor and friend Jen brought us 15 bean soup.  She also made cornbread and salad.  What a girl!  It could not have come at a better time.  With colds and packing, the idea of making dinner is overwhelming.  I had more cornbread that I should have, but all in all it was a healthy meal.  Man, I have a thing for bread....  Mental note.

I'll right my tracker in order to fully confess my sins.....  LOL

WW muffin: 3 pts
Grande Mocha: 4 pts

Leftover potatoes A'grautin and green beans: 4 pts
TJ's mini tacos: 7 pts

granola bar: 6 pts (more than I realized)
ww muffin: 3 pts (remember that snacking I talked about?)
ff pudding: 2 pts

15 bean soup: 5 pts
Gobs of cornbread: 8 pts
Salad: 4 pts (dressing)
Coke: 3 pt

Total: 49 pts!!!  

Good thing I have flexies....  used 14 Flex

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