Saturday, January 31, 2009

There will always be something...

Like I've said many times before, there will always be parties, holidays, get togethers, you name it.  Staying on plan does not mean you avoid these gatherings, nor does it mean you gorge yourself.  It means you plan.  I've had several things this week that could easily have caused me to over do it.  It takes a lot to avoid the appetizer table with the dips, chips, and beautiful array of sugary goodness.  I've got a special place in my heart for real coke.  That alone would be 3 pts for one serving.  

Do I starve myself?  No.  I do make a point not to be starving upon arrival.  Then I plan.  One serving of this.  One serving of that.  No grazing.  I was able to do this successfully this weekend.  Instead of coke I had diet coke.  Instead of grazing I planned for a heaping helping of one thing I really want.  And no more.  It worked!  I did not have to avoid the party.  I did not have to avoid food.  Of course, having three kids helps.  You don't have time to hang around and munch because at least one of them have to pee or need you to hold them or want to do something.  

I got out and did a mini walk today.  Nothing AP worthy though.  

Here's my tracker:

Alternative bagel with 1 tbsp Naturally More peanut butter and jelly: 4 pts

Pasta with marinara: 7 pts
Salad with ginger dressing: 4 pts

Grande Mocha: 4 pts
granola bar: 4pts

Chili with cheese, tortilla chips and sour cream: 10 pts
Wine: 4 pts

Total: 37 pts

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