Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleepy today...

My man child kept me up last night.  I'm not as bright eyed and busy tailed as I was yesterday.  But, I'm happy to report I've been 100% OP, using NO flex so far this week.   Today I have a playdate with some friends.  There will be a yummy lunch of falafel, salad and then homemade icecream.  I'm going to calculate points for falafel and salad and allow myself 1/2 cup of icecream.  Shouldn't be too bad.  I think 1/2 cup of regular icecream is roughly 5-6 pts.  Of course, we all know a REAL serving is 2 cups....

I'm going to work out today.  Probably my Biggest Loser dvd again or a brisk walk on the treadmill.  Either way- I'm going to earn APs today!  I'm tired as hell, but I'm determined.  

Then it's LOST!!!!  

The Plan:

Lite english muffing with 2 tbsp Naturally More peanut butter: 4 pts
Coffee with soy creamer and sugar: 2 pts

Falafel: 8 pts
Salad: 4 pts
Icecream: 6 pts

Pear: 1
Popcorn: 1

Whole Wheat pasta with pesto (ed's making it): 7 pts
Salad with ginger dressing: 2 pts

Chocolate pudding: 2 pts

Estimated total: 37 pts

Going to earn APs so I don't have to use Flex pts.

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