Friday, January 30, 2009

Well I used more flexies than I said last night.  But, I still remained OP!  I have about 10 flexies left for the week.  Monday they renew.  So I'm good.

Had a lot of fun at Jenny's house.  Wine, girls, popcorn, laughing so hard you almost pee your pants....what more can you ask for?  Babies were well behaved.  We didn't leave until 12am.  Didn't get home until 12:30am.   Then when I got home I could not get to sleep.  So I pretty much went to bed at 1:30am.  Then up to feed man child at 3:30, 6:30, 7:30 and up for the day.  Wow, I can't believe I'm coherent to even write this.

My dad is taking my older kids tonight for a spend the night.  He and my stepmom spoil them rotten and then wear them out.  The kids are so excited.  I am too.  Ed and I will attempt to get a date night out of it (man child in tow).  

Tomorrow I'm going to try (haven't told you this Ed) to get to the Step class at 9:15am.  Need to burn some calories!  We have a friend's going away party that night.  Cook out.  Lots of land minds all around me.  I need some extra pts.  

Monday is weigh in!  I'm excited because it looks like I've already lost 2 lbs this week.  

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The Turbyfill Family said...

Hey Jen. It's me, Brooke, Kim Kimbrell's friend. Anyway, I'm doing WW too trying to lose 40 more lbs. from baby weight. It's slooow, but I have not been as disciplined on it as I'd like. Anyway, great site. Question - how do you cook your spaghetti squash. I read you can do it in a slow cooker, so I tried it and it came out so mushy, I had to puree it for baby food. Other ideas for a working mom that are low in pts and don't take tons of time?

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